O My Love for You

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O my love for you is ocean deep

It traces down from communication history

It is sky high too

That reaches corporate ladders’ tops

O my love for you is world wide

It connects ends through technology

And it is never cheap

I dress for you exquisitely

O my love for you makes me a star

It makes me dance and model all for free

It also makes me laugh and cry like crazy dog

Even without cameras and scripts in front of me

O my love for you it makes me whole

You give me lessons I’ll surely learn from

You give your all in hopes that I take them

And I take them all and cherish them forever

Happy 25th, Love. Thanks for making me the ‘Arven’ I am now.


I think I’m falling for…

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I had the worst week of my life last week.

Read this:

Last Monday was a day of pictorials. We had our organization pictures taken for the year book. You think that’s fun? Not totally.  Oily faces added up to the worry of knowing a jam-packed week awaiting is so not fun.

Tuesday was the day for the passing of the thesis proposal. We, the Adeva Circle of 13, had to pass our proposal without any revision. Meaning, we had to pass a proposal that we are sure to: 1) be liked by Ma’am Adeva; 2) be good enough to get an acceptable grade, and; 3) be decent enough to save our faces, knowing that we are OrCom seniors. Woooo. I was lucky to start early, because I was able to sleep for 2 hours. Compare that to my classmates who didn’t sleep at all!

Wednesday was the last day of SP COMM 133, or the debate class, MY EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEECH DAY, and the day that I officially died. Having only 2 hours of sleep, I had to do 3 speech plans! Ugh.

Thursday was the day for my Final Anthropology 185 Exam, ’nuff said. This was also the day that my group for the Anthropology 185 Documentary had a sleepover to edit the video.

Friday was for the passing of the Documentary, and Saturday was for the passing of the Podcast for OrCom 152.

Gosh. While typing that, I remember every moment. Every stress that I battled to get the week done! I remember waking up in the morning after having no sleep and saying, ‘I don’t want to study anymore’.

This semester is the most tiring semester I had in the whole four years of my stay in the university. And absolutely, this semester is the semester that made me feel the word that I didn’t believe I’d feel ever–BURNOUT. The semester made me feel the stress that made think of not caring about anything anymore. I just wanted to sleep. I just wanted to rest.

Luckily, my JZ introduced me to one of his friends. His friend that I easily had good feelings with. His friend that became my love, pleasure, and companion last week.

His friend is the one of the best players ever. He plays with me in a restaurant city, a farm ville, or a cafe world! He allows me to play assassin and be nasty like how mafia wars would be. He even likes role-playing after buying some friends!

His friend also loves saying quotes to me. I remember him offering me a line from the movie ‘One More Chance’ saying, “Ipikit mo ang mga mata mo, para kung masaktan man ako.. ‘di mo makita.” How sweet is that!

I can tell that this friend of JZ really wants to get to know me. He allows me to tag friends in my photos. He social interviews my friends for know their opinions about me. And, he does polls that could have me as the subject! Cuuute!

With him, I feel connected. He makes me feel at ease with him updating me of my friends’ statuses. He even goes out of his way to show me my friends’ pictures! Well, not that I can’t do that on my own, but he takes pleasure in doing so for me. He also tries to find friends and relatives that I haven’t seen for years! With him, I can find them easily.

I am just so grateful that I met him. This friend of JZ never left me during the worst week I had in my life so far. He never made me feel alone and sad. He kept me in good company.

I really am having fun with this friend of JZ. I actually think I’m falling for him. Hihi:)

BTW, JZ is my laptop and his friend’s name is Facebook. 😛

PREP UP! (PEPENG is coming to town!)

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As much as we all want to help the victims of Ondoy’s onslaught last Saturday fully, another storm is coming to reinforce what that bitch did.

According to PAGASA, PEPENG–with it’s international name, PARMA (sosyal!)–has potential to be a super typhoon, basing on the increase in winds and gustiness it has as it nears the Philippine lands. From an update, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geological and Astronomical Services (PAGASA) said that the coming storm is packed with winds 195 kph and gustiness of up to 230 kph. These are high numbers compared to what Ondoy had when it made Marikina, Cainta, Mandaluyong, QC, and other parts of NCR the largest mud pool the world has ever seen!

So what do we do?

The use of the New Social Media has been veryefficient in spreading out news and information for rescue and relief operations right after the tragedy that was Ondoy. Twitter, Facebook, and blogs were just a few of the many media that were proven to be very useful for these causes. And since it has been tested, why don’t we use it again? This time, to spread preparation and prevention information about this new bitch named PEPENG, or PARMA, or whatever you wanna call it.

Let’s all use our twitter accounts to send out advices on how we could prepare for the coming storm. If there are groups that would need help in rescuing or any related cause, tweet the info out:) Blog about the latest update about the storm. Or, make everyone in the online community know of the latest about areas that need help or of institutions that help. Use your social networking accounts (Facebook, Multiply, Friendster, MySpace, etc.) in checking out for your relatives. Reach out to them through these sites and update them with the status in the area where you are.

Remember, this time is high time for us to be prepared for another tragedy.

We do not want another of the Ondoy flood, right?

Learn and help. See these links:

Change that Bites

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Let’s talk about consumerism. Let’s talk about the significant changes in consumer behavior since the start of this hi-tech era.

From Bates141, a ChangeBite presents significant changes happening in the world currently. May it be about fashion, travel, business, gadgets, lifestyle, etc., as along as it’s a significant change, it’s a candidate.

Now, let’s see three ChangeBites. Three Changes Biting the consumers of today.

1. From Spectators to Spectacula-tors!

From mere TV and movie spectators, people have changed to become TV and movie stars. And they are doing it through the use of the Internet.

Since the start of web 2.0, people learned that not only are they capable of being fans to different advertising campaigns, movies, telenovelas, and the likes. They discovered that they can also have fans! Through YouTube, people can share their talent to the world and manually open the doors of stardom for them. I have shared from my previous blog the names of Charice and Marie Digby that has pioneered the deed. And since their Oprah appearances and international album labels, this deed has become a bandwagon that everyone wants to ride on!

2. From Idiot Box to Boom Box

Sorry for coining a new name for the computer,but I just like calling it the ‘BOOM! Box’.

The Internet brought about the shift in people’s attention from TV to the computer. Nowadays, people do not really want TV that often–because they see what’s on TV in their computers. Nowadays, people do not care to lift a remote and change channels–because they can do that while on their beds, with easy clicks. Nowadays, people do not just watch what’s on TV–because they have the control and the power to see what they want to see, thru the Internet. (Now, won’t you call it a BOOM! Box? HUH? HAHA)

3. From “Call me!” to “Let’s Facebook!”

Admit it. With the use of the Internet, all of us have the capacity to stalk whoever we want! HAHA

With the use of the Internet, and the computer, we need not have to take a lot of courage to hook up. We do not have to muster confidence, go to the person we want, and ask for his/her number, because we know that we can do that through Facebook! It’s kind of weird, but yeah. Goes to show communications becoming a lot easier! Hee^^

And so with all of these, we realize that consumers are not just consumers now. They can also be goods that they themselves do market! Moreover, we learn that if we want to reach people we don’t find them in front of their TV sets anymore. We see them sitting in front of their computers–being the mouse potatoes that they are! And lastly, with the ease of communication nowadays, we can reach anyone, know them, and talk to them without even really physically interacting with them.

Share the love around!

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With the use of new technology, sharing information became really easy. Computers, and the internet, has made it a breeze for people all over the world to keep in touch with each other. Moreover, the new social media, especially social networking sites and online forums, created a realm where people actually talk and see each other–though they are miles apart!

This is why a lot of businesses has been using New Social Media to reach their stakeholders. Since its really easy to communicate to people thru online means, its also really easy for them to know who their target market is and what their target market wants.

Also, these online media tools made building relationships to their market a piece of cake to the company. Now, they do not have to spend a large amount of money to print and send out brochures and flyers, because Adobe Photoshop and emails can do the trick for them! They do not need to do frequent FGDs to get consumer insights anymore, because online forums are just a click away! They do not need to scatter press releases all over the news papers to boost their brand, because blogs and online reputation management can do that more effectively for them!

However, businesses are not the only beneficiaries of the New Social Media. Individual human beings also are. And with all the hodgepodge of communication benefits we get from the online world, these individuals focus on one–its ability to make a nobody, a star.

We know the likes of Charice Pempengco, Marie Digby, and a lot of talented artists who had the internet, Youtube in particular, pave the way for their stardom. They did this by making and posting videos that show off their abilities and share it to everyone. This is another magic of the online world–it makes everything viral! Through easy means of communication, connecting and sharing information with people all over the globe, making information spread to many is also so easy!


Today, I’m sharing to you a video that I truly love. This is a video of GDProphetXVII that talks about common notions we hear everyday about being gay and how he thinks their wrong. And, yeah, I believe him. We totally share the same thoughts!

PLEASE WATCH THIS. PLEASE DO. AND PLEASE MAKE EVERYONE WATCH THIS VIDEO TOO? Let’s make this a viral one, as I believe this might help most Pinoys to stop asking gay kids why they are gay kids. HAHA and thank you.


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I know you want this. And you want this NOW.

See my tummy dancing to the tune of 2NE1’s Fire! WOOT!

And yeah, SHARE THIS TO YOUR FRIENDS TOO (even if this would cost me my ultre-pure reputation).



Arven as CL

Ren as Minzy

Lou as Park Bom

Kervi as Sandara

under the direction, production, and choreography of

Bb. Ryo Romanes


YUCK. Who’s blog is this?

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This blog, though not a personal one, is the 5th blog I have created since second year high school.

Last saturday, Sir Barry discussed how corporate blogging is important for organizations. He told us that corporate blogging can be an integral medium for companies nowadays, in the sense that it can reach a wide range of audience. Ergo, it can boost one’s reputation and make marketing easier for their products. Also, he told us that if one company would just give the online community and the New Social Media some importance, these can actually get that company the attention it wants from its stakeholders.

And then the thought dawned on me, sh*t, I have been blogging since 2nd year high school but did I get the attention I want? Did I reach the people I wanted to read my blog? Or wait, did I really want people to read my blog? Did I really want attention when I was writing those blogs?

I looked for my old blog in the net and read it again. Man, you don’t want to stumble upon that gross thing! I was reading it and actually thinking of my shattered reputation after anyone, that knows me now, reads it.

I know youre getting curious, and so I’m giving you a tiny peek of it. BUT PLEASE, DON’T LOOK FOR IT. PLEASE. 😛

Disclaimer: This blog entry was posted September 10, 2006, first year college, some days after my last break up. If you dont want to read it, just skip it. This came from my second blog. The first is lost in cyberspace I guess.


Gosh. its been years since my last update. well, well, well.. maybe its just becoz i had to make ipon so many stories to tell now.. hehe.

first stop. second MATH dep. actually, this story is not really that interesting. i just had this super happy feeling when i got an 80%. making revenge from the 60% that i had from the first dep. kudos to jena! the girl who consistently is topping the math dep charts. ever! she’s really a great teacher. she adviced me to answer the exercises which i usually neglect. hehe. eh, that’s the secret naman pla.. kea yon. i got a high score.

second stop. sick relationship. my boi and i just broke up last saturday. haha. this is so funny. we’ve been good for almost four months and i dont understand why we broke up… gee. i ddnt know that he was this cruel. one week before our 4 monthsary,, he ddnt txt or coll or make any gesture for us to communicate. he ddnt even bother to say goodbye properly.he didnt tell me the reasons why he left? after all that we’ve been through together… que mal. i was the one who ended the relationship even if it really suck for me to do it. i feel really really sick ryt now. im soo missin’ him. the way we talk. the way we laugh at each other’s antics. the way he makes me feel loved. the way he whispers sweet nottings to mah ear.. i’m still soo inlove with him. ever! and i hate this feeling.

***question: why is it so damn hard to forget someone you love so much?? i really dont understand the feeling of still loving him even if he hurted me so much! ever.

Read that horrifying language? NAKAKADIRI.

Good thing, ORCOM made me a better person! Oh, how I love ORCOM.

And so after reading that I thought, maybe I really didnt want attention and people to read my thoughts then. These were really personal poops I had that, I think, I didn’t want people to know–except my very close friends who actually have access to the blog where the excerpt came from.

Hindi na pwedeng ituloy kasi ubos na ang kahihiyan ko. Kadiri.


Please continue to read my blog as I my knocks are vying to be one of the Top 20 blogs in TOPBLOGS. Thank you and good day!